Sculpting of a dissolvable body by flowing water

Collaborate with Nick Moore, Megan Davies Wykes and Leif Ristroph

While fluid flows are known to promote dissolution of materials, such processes are poorly understood due to the coupled dynamics of the flow and receding surface. We study this moving boundary problem through experiments in which hard candy bodies dissolve in laminar, high-speed water flows. We find that different initial geometries are sculpted into a similar terminal form before ultimately vanishing, suggesting convergence to a stable shape-flow state. A model linking the flow and solute concentration shows how uniform boundary layer thickness leads to uniform dissolution, allowing us to obtain an analytical expression for the terminal geometry. Newly derived scaling laws predict that the dissolution rate increases with the square root of the flow speed and that the body volume vanishes quadratically in time, both of which are confirmed by experimental measurements.


Shape dynamics and scaling laws for a body dissolving in fluid flow ( PDF, link )
Jinzi M. Huang, M. Nicholas Moore, Leif Ristroph - J. Fluid Mech. Rapids (2015)

Talks and posters

Breaking Barriers - from Physics to Biology (II), 06/14/2014, Xi'an. ( Poster, link )
67th APS DFD conference, 11/25/2014, San Francisco. ( Slides, link )
Poster in room 105, Courant Institute. ( Poster )

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